School Proms

School Proms Disco

“One of the most important nights in a teenager’s life”

In the UK the School Prom was unheard of until the late 1990s. It was believed to start in Cambridge where every school in the area had a special "School ball". As the idea proliferated throughout the UK from 2000, the name changed to a “School Prom”.

The School Prom is a semi-formal (black tie) dance held at the end of an academic year. It is now one of the most important nights in a teenager’s life. It is a night when they celebrate finishing school and moving onto work or university. It is a night that has been organized and looked forward to all year long. Everyone dresses up and arrives in a limo.


While smaller schools may hold a school prom open to the entire student body, large schools may hold two proms, a year 11 prom for those finishing Year 11 and a senior prom for those who are finishing Year 13. Recently, Junior Schools have started to hold leaver balls for their students at year 7 increasingly these are being called the Junior Prom.



Bee Jay Entertainments is a specialist disco agency in supplying School Prom Disco Roadshows, not small mobile discos, but discos with large lightshows that will give a great atmosphere and ambience to your prom with a good high quality sound. The DJs booked through our agency are School Prom professionals they can play any style of music and are competent mixing club DJs. They are happy to play the music that your pupils wish to dance to and to avoid the music you don’t want.

  • Dedicated to making your Prom Sensational
  • Amazing Lightshows and Digital Sound Systems
  • Professional Nightclub Experienced Mix DJs
  • Upfront Music Selection Plus All the Party Classics
  • Emergency back up in case of illness
  • All bookings contracted
  • Public Liability Insurance/Portable Appliance Tested Equipment
  • Produb License

We have performed at the following School Proms:

  • Maidstone Grammer School for Girls
  • Invicta Grammer School
  • Cornwallis Academy
  • Simon Stock School
  • Highstead Grammer School
  • More Park School
  • Loose Junior School
  • Thamesview School
  • Wrotham School
  • Homewood School
  • Lenham School
  • Dartford Technology College
  • Northfleet Grammer School for Girls
  • Dover College
  • Mid Kent College
  • Whitstable Community College
  • Hartsdown Tech College
  • St Anslems
  • Simon Langton Grammer School
  • Swadelands School
  • Folkestone Academy
  • High Weald Academy
  • Holmesdale Academy
  • Chaucer Technology College
  • Aylesford Sports College