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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I book my entertainment from
Bee Jay Entertainments?

As the premier supplier of disc jockeys in the South East, Bee Jay Entertainments has specialised in supplying quality discos. We do not book bands. As specialists we have been able to develop our service to our private and hotel clients over 36 years, hence with our service you gain the benefit of our expertise and experience as well as first class entertainment.

Will it cost me a lot more if I book my disco
from Bee Jay Entertainments?

No. We cannot guarantee always to be the cheapest as these days you get what you pay for, but we are committed to offering our clients value for money and booking them the best entertainment at a realistic and competitive price.

I heard that my best option would be to book my entertainment directly with a local disco - is this true?

Whilst the arrangement for booking a disco may seem a simple, straight forward procedure, for the inexperienced to enter into a direct agreement with a disc jockey may possibly lead to serious complications. Please consider what would happen if your disc jockey met with a last minute accident or illness? Where would you turn for assistance? What come-back would you have if there was a problem on the day or if the disc jockey failed to turn up?

By booking through Bee Jay Entertainments you can be assured that every reasonable safeguard will be taken to make sure that your function is a success. We have complex check systems programmed into our exclusively designed computer booking system to ensure that all arrangements are in order.
In the unlikely event of a last minute emergency you can call on Bee Jay Entertainments to deal with the problem effectively and with the minimum of delay.

How do I know that the disco equipment is safe and reliable?

With some other organisations and disco's you don't. With Bee Jay Entertainments you do. In January 1993 the Health and Safety at work act was amended to cover portable electrical equipment. That includes all disco equipment. The act states that all portable electrical equipment must be tested on a regular basis by a qualified electrical engineer. The tested equipment must be tagged with a certificate of testing. All disc jockeys with equipment, working for Bee Jay Entertainments, must comply with this act.

If a disco turns up at your venue that does not comply with this act the venues management have the right to refuse the disco permission to plug its equipment in. If this results in your event being spoilt, the venue would not be liable you would have to seek compensation from the disc jockey. How do you compensate for a ruined wedding? All disc jockeys supplied by Bee Jay Entertainments have equipment that complies with the Health and Safety at Work act 1993.

To further protect you and your guests all, of our disc jockeys carry full public liability insurance. In the very unlikely event of any piece of the disco equipment causing injury, you are covered.

Additionally, since July 2008 it has become a licensing requirement for any DJ using a computer, Laptop, I pod or  recorded CDs to have a Pro Dub license.

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