Client Guide

To ensure that the disco entertainment at your function is completely successful, we have drawn up this guide for you to refer to. It is designed to help you get the most from your DJ and to make him/her feel part of the occasion.

Always tell your DJ who is in charge of the event. Whether it is the Best man at a wedding, a parent at a party or a committee member at a social club, etc., the DJ needs someone to refer to. This is so that if there is a problem, or a difference of opinion as to music and/or volume, or if an awkward situation may be developing during the event, the matter can be swiftly dealt with to avoid spoiling the occasion.

Inform your DJ of any planned `breaks' in the event such as a raffle, buffet, presentation, cabaret, games etc., well in advance, preferably at the start. This allows the DJ to program the music around the `break(s)' and makes for a smoothly run event. Most DJ's will also compere for you, should you require it. Ask your DJ for advice about any aspect of the event if you are unsure. All have vast experience in a wide range of events and can help you.

Bee Jay Entertainments will ask you what music you would prefer at the event. If not, make a point of stating your preference so that your DJ can obtain the music if necessary. This should avoid disappointment; however if you are willing to loan the music (especially in the case of obscure music tracks) to your DJ it will help in case of difficulty.

Please keep in mind how much space the DJ will require to set up the equipment in the function room and that he/she may require some tables. Most DJ's can be flexible but a six foot square in a corner is not usually enough! This generally only applies where there is not a stage, but if there is a stage say whether the DJ will be sharing it with anybody/anything such as a band or wedding cake.

Check with the caretaker of the place you have hired if it has an electricity slot meter, as believe it or not some still do! It can be very embarrassing if the power fails half way through the event. Some places only allow Discos to set up in certain parts of the room to prevent noise from disturbing local residents. If you know this in advance it will avoid disrupting carefully laid out tables when your DJ arrives to set up. Ensure sufficient access to convenient parking positions and doors, where possible, for unloading/loading. Do not be offended if your DJ declines help (though most don't!) as he/she may have a special way of setting up and can only unload or load in a certain order.

Outside events require very careful planning to ensure safety. If you expect your DJ to work outside then he/she will need shelter from the weather including the dew if it is a fine evening. The electricity supply must meet legal requirements (see contract) with regards earthing, isolation and routing of cables. Consult a qualified electrician or ask for your DJ to survey the site with you for suitability.

You may need to hire a generator if electric mains are not sufficiently close.     Bee Jay Entertainments can advise you on the capacity required to power the disco, lights and all other items such as beer pumps, coolers etc. Whatever form of electricity supply is used, do not cut corners - the safety of your guests is your responsibility.

Safety is equally important indoors as well. Please ask your guests to control their children at family events, so that injuries do not happen to them, or anybody else. Coloured lights tend to `draw' young children to them, as the bulbs get hot they will burn. It is disruptive to your DJ to have to keep asking parents to stop their children trying to touch lighting and other equipment and spoils the `flow' of the event.


In the unlikely event of there being a problem that you need to contact us about in an emergency, please telephone the office number 01634 243262. When you call the office there will be an answer machine service if the office is not attended.

Please listen to the entire message carefully as it may give you an emergency telephone number to contact. When asked by any recorded message to leave a name, telephone number and message, please speak clearly and remember to leave a contact telephone number where you can be reached, our representative on duty will be trying to call you back to contact you.

You are the customer and we value your business. The success of your occasion is important to us. If anything is not to your satisfaction please tell the DJ or us. All our DJ's are professional in attitude and will comply with your wishes providing they are reasonable.

If you have followed the above notes then you should have a very enjoyable function, but your DJ will naturally work better if fed, watered and kept informed of what's going on.

Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.